Yogi Sponge Care

Yogi Sponges

Yogi Sponge is made from finest Cellulose material which is natural fiber. You might find small pieces of vegetable fiber in your sponge which is completely normal for this material. There’s no antibacterial chemicals added to this product. So, unlike synthetic sponges with added chemicals widely available in the market, Yogi Sponge needs a little tender loving care in order for you to make the most of this natural sponge.

Care suggestions:

Please be sure to store the unopened Yogi Sponge packs in room temperature or a cool place. Replace your sponges every 1-2 weeks.

As mentioned above due to absence of antibacterial agents in Yogi Sponge, these sponges can get smelly if left wet for prolonged time. Luckily there are ways to sanitize your Yogi Sponge as often as you wish before they retire. 

Air dry:

After rinsing, squeeze the sponge to remove excess moisture. Then, leave uncovered on a dish or the edge of the sink so the sponge can dry completely in between uses. Mold and bacteria can multiply quickly in a sponge, especially in a warm, damp environment.


1- Soak the sponge with water and put it in a microwave-safe bowl

2- Microwave the sponge for 1-2 minutes

3- Leave to cool down before using


Place the sponge on the top rack of the dishwasher for an extra deep clean. Select a cycle with heated drying to kill the most germs and bacteria.

After these durable sponges are done with their kitchen duties and are ready to retire, you can still use them to clean the bathrooms, floors or other surfaces around the house.