About us


Only after years of cleaning up after animals and humans does one begin to realize there is a serious problem. “They” say necessity is the mother of invention, so here we are! Most of us (and don’t blame yourself, we’re all guilty…) clean both our pet and human food dishes with the same sponges. Unfortunately, this poses serious health risks.

Even if you do have separate sponges, how can you tell which is which?

Yogi Sponge, if we do say so ourselves, is nothing short of brilliant – a sponge that’s clearly shaped for either pets or humans. Along with hints of color coding and ear-shaping, it’s never been easier to tell which sponge is Spike’s and which is Stu’s.

First, let’s rewind. Yogi, a Shih-Tzu, was small, quiet, and fluffy. Two giant eyes covered one-third of his smooshed-up face. He loved everything and everyone around him, and had no idea he was a dog. He was strangely quiet, unless one of us was sad. He’d be there in a heartbeat to offer affection and a doggy-shoulder to cry on. Throughout life’s ups and downs, his companionship never wavered. He never growled, he never bit. Aggression just wasn’t in his nature – not even towards cats or birds. He just…loved. Everything. Everyone. All of it.

Sadly, Yogi left his home and loved ones in California just as quickly as he arrived 15 years earlier.

We tried to move on, continuing to reap the fruits of our foamy labor. In honor of Yogi, we created a pack of two sponges for humans and pets so Spike and Stu would never need to worry about cross-contamination again.

After contacting countless factories and making sample after sample, we realized that we couldn’t settle for anything but the best – perhaps even the most expensive materials.

After all – why should we settle for anything less precious (or cute) than Yogi?

After years of hard work, the Yogi Sponge is finally a reality – and we have no doubt in our minds that Yogi would approve.